The key to excellent and inclusive teams

AFAS Theater Leusden
30 mei 2024 - 08:30-17:00
Amy Edmonson Event

If you want to build an excellent team, you need full engagement of ALL team members. All voices need to be heard. All ideas need to be shared. Only then … does a team reach its full potential.

How do you create a team culture:

  • In which it is safe -and even expected- to speak up

  • That is truly open and inclusive

  • That responds productively to risks, mistakes and failures

  • That demonstrates radical candor, even when sensitive issues are raised

Amy Edmondson is coming to Holland

For this exclusive seminar, Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson will come to Holland. On May 30th, she will share her best ideas on Psychological Safety with you. She will show you what organizations and leaders can do to create the perfect setting for teamwork.

‎ The result: more innovation, more employee engagement, higher performance.

Psychological safety can be the silver bullet for your team too. If you know how to make it work.

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