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From recruitment to outplacement

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The success of your organisation depends on your staff. However, finding the right talent and building commitment can be quite a challenge - as is retaining your most valuable people. The experts at Compagnon help you safeguard your organisation's continuity and growth. Our services range from recruitment and HR to employer branding and outplacement.

Recruitment Services

Good recruitment makes all the difference

We have the largest network of recruiters in the Netherlands and can find exactly the right recruitment expert to match your organisation and the unique challenges you face. If need be, we can deploy an entire team of recruiters. These experts are embedded in your organisation for an extended period of time. Their job is to set up and manage the recruitment process from start to finish.

Knowledge of marketing, data and IT

Strengthening your employer brand and effectively reaching your target group requires knowledge of marketing, IT, data and tools. As a result, our recruiters are gradually becoming digital recruitment marketers. In their work, they can rely on our toolkit that contains the latest technologies. Whether you are looking for an intensive job marketing campaign or a brand-new working-at page, we can take the entire project out of your hands.

Career Services

Successful outplacement projects

The core tenets of our outplacement services are a personal adviser and the use of data, marketing and the right tools to facilitate the job search. Our approach helps more than eighty percent of the participants find new employment quickly. The personal attention they receive throughout the process ensures they remain faithful ambassadors of your organisation.

Positive career development

Do you aspire to become a certified Great Place to Work, just like Compagnon? That means constantly working to optimise your employee experience. As an employer, you share responsibility for your employees’ positive career development. By offering the right guidance, you help your people grow. Our projects are centred around personal leadership and self-knowledge.

HR Services

The right professional for all HR-related issues

Putting the right people in the right place or overcoming challenges related to employee influx, mobility or outflow; whatever your HR-related issues are, we know the professional who can help. We have been acting as mediators in the field for more than twenty years and have more than 60,000 HR specialists in our database - from permanent to interim and from starters to supervisors.

Instant access to top HR professionals

The field of HR continues to evolve. Keeping up with the latest developments requires specialist knowledge and direction. Having a good HR manager or director is crucial to the success of your organisation. The best way to find the right person is by using our network. It grants you access to virtually all top HR professionals.

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Frank Roders
Frank Roders